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The Periquette nightstand has everything you need to store your stuff while you rest. Cover all your bedroom needs.

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Technical Specifications

Base size38x38 cm
Weight2 kg
FixationWall, 4 screws

Accesories how and where you choose


Always in the same place. Easy to find. No more dropping them.


As close (or far) as you want it. With a hole in the bottom for charging.

Pocket several sizes

Just a pocket. To put, store, hang or hide whatever you want.

Shelf several sizes

Bigger for all your stuff, or smaller for the essentials. Supports up to 5 kg.

Clip x2 included in every nightstand

Perfect to hang your best photos and/or organize the cables.

Our plastic is bio

All our plastic pieces are 3DPrinted in PLA, a biodegradable plastic that is made from the sugars present in corn starch

-93% energy used in production*

Taking care of the planet one nightstand at a time

*Compared to a traditional nighstand

-85% CO₂eq footprint*

You deserve a tailor-made nightstand

Your phone, your glasses, your books, your accessories... they make you unique. Now the place where you store them can be unique too

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Customize & order

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