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Each one of us is unique and has different needs. And still, we usually end up buying the same furniture. Furniture that does not adapt to us, since it is mass produced and in an environmentally irresponsible manner; manufacturing millions of units to put them in a warehouse waiting to be sold or discarded.
At Periquette we have found a better way of doing things. A way to manufacture special furniture for you: unique, produced in a sustainable way and sold at an affordable price.
To achieve this we take advantage of the new technologies of production and distribution to create a platform in which you choose the product, customize it according to your needs and, once you finish your order, we will produce it and send it to you.
· Create unique units, designed by and for each one according to your specific needs.

· Produce in a sustainable manner: manufacturing each unit one by one and only after its purchase.

· Sell at an affordable price for everyone.

Periquette is much more than a new furniture brand, Periquette is a new model of consumption.
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