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Everything you need to keep your bedroom tidy and neat, taking up as little space as posible. Choose your componentes and place them where you need them.

Available for purchase in Spain

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Technical Specifications

Base size38x38 cm
Weight2 kg
FixationWall, 4 screws


Assembly manual 🡥

Accesories how and where you choose


Always in the same place. Easy to find. No more dropping them.


As close -or far- as you want it. With charging hole in the bottom. Max width 78mm.

Pocket several sizes

Just a pocket. To put, store, hang or hide whatever you want.

Shelf several sizes

Bigger for all your stuff, or smaller for the essentials. Supports up to 5 kg.

Clip x2 included in every order

Perfect to hang your best photos and/or organize the cables.

Preset configurations

Now with custom engraving

Add that special touch. Each unit is uniquely numbered and can be custom engraved with a message for you or for the ones you love the most. Because every detail counts.

Our plastic is bio

All our plastic pieces are 3DPrinted in PLA, a biodegradable plastic that is made from the sugars present in corn starch

-93% energy used in production*
-85% CO₂eq footprint*

Taking care of the planet one nightstand at a time

*Compared to a traditional nighstand

You deserve a tailor-made nightstand

Your phone, your glasses, your books, your accessories... they make you unique. Now the place where you store them can be unique too

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Available for purchase in Spain

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